Posted on Apr 5, 2021

Union Mercantile Solution -UMS

The configuration is the most important step in the implementation of ERP
There are many steps that lead to a successful ERP implementation. Setting up the ERP configuration you need is one of those steps and probably does not get the attention it deserves. Doing it right leads to better user satisfaction when default settings cause the right data to automatically fill in on many frequently used screens.
Doing it right leads to management satisfaction too as the best decisions often are already set by default enabling optimal choices at all levels in the organization.
What is the default shipping warehouse? What are the normal credit terms for most customers?
When these defaults are loaded in the ERP configuration, users can skip entering data in many fields as the shipping location is already shown in the form.
Which general ledger account should be credited when we have a sale of product A? Should we debit the same account when a customer returns product A, or, does our accounting system require we debit another account for returns and allowances?
There are configurations settings for accounting and financial control that cause transactions to be posted only in the ways defined by financial management and GAAP and cannot be overridden by users who are not in accounting management. The financial controls we expect from ERP are defined in ERP configurations.
Proper use of ERP configuration settings will eliminate or reduce many perceived needs for the customization of ERP.
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